Maurice’s May Musings

Hello everyone! The love bugs have returned to S.W. Florida with a vengeance. I have’n seen them this bad in forty years. I kid  you not. The good news is that they don’t hang around long. Just long enough to usher in summer. And it’s here. I’m working feverishly on my summer reading list. This year I’ll  try not to overwhelm you. I will dole out recommends slowly so it will give you time to catch your breath.

What did I throw down this month? Sadly, I had to discard MONTAUK by Nicola Harrison. Such high hopes for this summer book with the pristine cover. In fact, I even went out on a limb and mentioned it to some of the book clubs I visited. Keep in mind, this is not a book I was actually recommending. I had not read it. I had hoped it would be the perfect summer read. Alas, it was not. At least not for me. I did not finish it. I did not review it.


Summer color

I’ve been happy with my green thumb this month.  I’ve got herbs and even a pepper plant with real peppers growing on it. Fingers crossed.

We have peppers!

I had the pleasure of attending and being involved in a luncheon for Mary Kay Andrews and her beautiful new novel SUNSET BEACH.  Copperfish Books sponsored Mary Kay’s event and it was such a big success that we will be looking at doing more events like this. Win/win. I saw so many familiar faces yesterday enjoying lunch and being with Mary Kay who lights up the whole room.

Mary Kay Andrews

I’m reading books for fall and even a few for winter so I can be prepared and bring you the best of the best for the upcoming season. It’s a constant work in progress and one I love.

Some of you have voiced concern about the number of WWII books this year. Well, that’s because we’re celebrating 75 years. And that’s a big deal. If you see me reviewing a Word War Two novel, you will know it’s got a lot worth reading. Some of the best authors are writing them this year. Trust me.

Mistress Of The Ritz

For instance: MISTRESS OF THE RITZ is out this month by one of my favorite authors, Melanie Benjamin. Just a teaser. It’s sooo good!

If you haven’t already picked up a copy of THE GUEST BOOK by Sarah Blake, do not hesitate. It’s such a wonderful novel.

Sarah Blake

The Guest Book

Summer really is upon us. That means I’m looking forward to my annual visit to the mountains. Asheville, I’ll see you soon! Cheers!



3 thoughts on “Maurice’s May Musings

  1. Jean, try growing lemon thyme. It’s a wonderful addition to anything you’re cooking!

  2. I didn’t even think about the 75 years thing. I noticed the increase in WWII books too.
    I can’t wait for your summer list. I am not good about reading off of my lists but this year I may just pick two I want to get to. Keep it simple.

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