Lunch With Mary Kay Andrews

Sunset Beach

It was very close to being a book launch for Mary Kay Andrew’s newest novel SUNSET BEACH. Copperfish books hosted a very special luncheon celebrating Mary Kay and her brand new book. We lunched at F.M. Don’s in downtown Punta Gorda, just a skip and a hop away from our Independent bookstore, Copperfish Books,  on Marion Avenue. It was THE place to be today at noon.

Mary Kay On The Stage

Mary Kay regaled  a room filled with loyal and very happy fans with stories about how she makes stories. She is witty and fun and she loves what she does. It really shows.  She was very generous with her time and answered questions from the audience.  She stayed and signed everyone’s books and promised to return. We can’t wait.

Jean With Mary Kay Andrews

Mary Kay signed a few extra copies of her book so we will have some inventory at Copperfish. Don’t wait, though, come and get them now. They will go quickly.

I enjoyed sharing some history with Mary Kay. We actually met many years ago at Antioch Writer’s Workshop in YellowSprings, Ohio.  She’s become a bestselling novelist now. And she’s earned it!

Mary Kay, Serena Wyckoff, and Cathy Graham

Sending out a big thanks to Serena Wyckoff and Cathy Graham for all the hard work they did to make this fabulous event possible. And, Lizy, thanks for holding down the store while we were out playing.

Thanks to Meg Walker from Tandem Literary for making this a smooth operation…. It was great to finally meet her after working with her for years. Looking forward to next time.

Mary Kay and Meg Walker

Last but not least I would like to thank the generous publishing people at St. Martins Press. You guys are the bomb!


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