Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews

mary Kay Andrews

Sunset Beach

It’s officially summertime now that Mary Kay Andrews celebrates her new novel,  SUNSET BEACH. There is nothing I would rather do than settle into one of these colorful, cozy beach chairs right on the edge of the surf.  This beachy cover will immediately draw you in, and the story will keep you entertained  until the very last page.

I’ve been reading Mary Kay Andrews  for many years.  She just gets better and better. I love the mystery aspect she’s woven into the last two books. I love that they take place on an island or a beach.  And I love that they always both entertain and enlighten. These are more than just beach reads.  She manages to give us issues to think about. And  she adds characters that are quirky, witty, and fun.

Drue Campbell has lost her job. She’s broke. She’s a mess. Period.  While attending her mom’s funeral her estranged dad, Brice, pops up after twenty years. Yes, there’s that, too.  He’s recently remarried, again. This time to a young woman who Drue went to school with. How inappropriate. Her name is Wendy. To say she and Drue do not see eye to eye is a gross understatement.  When dear old dad offers Drue a job at his law firm, she has to accept because it’s the only game in town.  This is not just any type of law firm. Can you say personal injury attorney? Ugh.

There is one good thing Drue has going for her.  She discovers upon her mom’s death that her grandparents have left her their beach cottage.  She’s inherited a falling down dump of a house that sits in the  midst of million dollar mansions.  It’s smack dab on  Sunset Beach.   Those of you who enjoy watching HGTV are going to love this aspect of the novel. Fixing up the beach house. Oh boy.


Mary Kay Andrews

Once Drue is working for her dad she begins delving into a cold case  and  becomes suspicious that her dad’s firm may have something to do with the disappearance of a woman all those years ago. She’s become a sleuth.

Of course there’s a love interest.  And the give and take between the new wife and Drue is fodder for a lot of tension.

Mix your preferred summer cocktail, put on your flip flops, grab your big hat, don your sun glasses, and grab your copy of SUNSET BEACH. You’re ready for summer!

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

My review copy of SUNSET BEACH arrived from the publishing people at St. Martin’s Press. I am so grateful. Along with my book came a lovely note from Mary Kay. How super sweet. I so look forward to our sold-out luncheon event  with her on Wednesday, May 8.  We will have copies for sale of SUNSET BEACH at Copperfish Books. The on sale date is Tuesday, May 7. Once Mary Kay has visited, she will sign copies for us to sell. Those of you who were not able to attend the luncheon event, still can purchase signed copies afterward for as long as they last. Come on up and see us. We’re going to love talking about this event!!


One thought on “Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews

  1. I loved the packaging for this one! When I received the review copy I had to snap pics. This will be my first book by this author, if you can believe it!

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