Outer Order-Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin

Outer Order-Inner Calm

Best known for a big little book called THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, Gretchen Rubin strikes again.  I think the timing is perfection.  We are all bursting to  blow the stink off our winter lives. Gretchen has just the trick. Her inspiring new book is filled with quick and easy ways to bring calm and order into our lives. For me, she sparked my spring cleaning bug. And talk about purging not needed stuff and paper. Everything that is not nailed down is eligible for elimination.

I know I have trouble relaxing if my surroundings are cluttered.  I think it’s a woman thing.  Gretchen  tells us right away that clearing clutter is a big challenge.  It requires that we make taxing choices. What to keep, what to discard, and why. With a spare format that is clean and  easy on the eyes, she leads us through creative but simple ideas for taking care of business while keeping it simple. I love the crispness of the pages and the pristine spareness of the prose. It’s win/win. You won’t get bogged down feeling like you need to take notes and keep  score.

Gretchen Rubin

OUTER ORDER/INNER CALM made me energized and gave me the confidence to get up and get moving, but also made me realize that I don’t have to do it all at once. Start small. That’s the key. You can do this.

This is a gem of a book for gift-giving. I know someone right now who is going to get my review copy. She is going to love it. You know who you are… That is, if I can bear to give it up.

I am determined to get more organized over the summer so I will be ready for next season. In order to do this I have to bring more order and calm to my life. This book is key.  It is already freeing my mind as it frees my shelves.

You will love the top 10 tips for creating outer order in the back of the book. What a great ending. I just love this book.

About nine years ago I attended  a BlogHer conference with my daughter in NYC. I actually sat next to Gretchen Rubin in one of the sessions. She was not well-known at the time. I do remember her with her laptop.  I had not been blogging long, and was just trying to take it all in.

Harmony Books provided this review copy of OUTER ORDER/INNER CALM. I’m thankful they did. Thanks guys. It’s a great book. I love it.

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