Maurice’s Monthly Musings: March

March is a pivotal month in S.W. Florida. It’s the beginning of the end of the season. This year Easter arrives in late April. Some of our northern visitors will remain a bit longer.

My book lectures are calming down. Clubs are starting to think of next year and sending me dates for bookings already. January and February were jam-packed with lectures. I traveled around a lot. I met some new readers.  All good.  The future is bright.

What am I doing now? I’m working with Elaine Newton on the upcoming and highly anticipated summer reading list for the Critic’s Choice. We have very little time to finalize it. It is quite exciting. We persist.

UPS is now delivering review books for up to one year in advance. I never thought I’d see the day. I was asked by Amy Einhorn of Flatiron Books to take a look at a manuscript.  She overnighted it to me. I loved it. Will not be available until January 2020.  Working title is AMERICAN DIRT. A force. More about it in the future.

Just look at this new book  by Mary Phipher!

Mary Phipher

Women Rowing North

It’s non fiction and I’m so excited about it. In fact, I’ve offered to lead a discussion on this book on Tuesday, March 26th, at six in the evening, at Copperfish. Please call to let us know you’ll be joining us.  I’m feeling very passionate about this one. It’s sure to be a lively discussion. Women together talking about women’s issues. Win/win.

I’m interested in both literary books and beach reads right now. Readers are looking for really well-written beach reads for summer. For a lot of my readers the summer months are the only time they can actually relax and just read something fun. But, they want it to be well-written. I have a fistful right now and will be reviewing them shortly.

Copperfish is working with marketing to have Mary Kay Andrews speak in Punta Gorda. We love Mary Kay!!

Sunset Beach

Mary Kay Andrews

She’s got a new book coming in May titled

Sunset Beach

SUNSET BEACH. I devoured it. Perfect beach read.


So many great books coming out this month. Too many to mention now. I will be posting more reviews now that my book talks are slowing down.

I’d love to see you at Copperfish.

Copperfish Book Art

We have all the best and newest books this season. Our selections just keep getting bigger and better!

2 thoughts on “Maurice’s Monthly Musings: March

  1. This season and fall are the most exciting for me book wise. We see all the summer reads now and it’s making me excited for warmer weather, but then I remember the nightmarish 120 degree temps from last year and I shudder.

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