Daisy Jones AndThe Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Daisy Jones & The Six

This is a powerhouse of a novel. Love the cover. Love the story. Love the writing. Powerhouse!

I picked this review copy up on the recommendation of two co-workers.  They both raved about it. Now I’m raving, too.

Daisy Jones was a beautiful  young woman with high aspirations. She wanted to write music. She sang like a bird. And she wrote songs with such depth of feeling that it was all just so natural. That’s exactly what she was: a natural. She just did it. Along the way she hooked up with a band of six musicians who weren’t all that keen to have her join them.  But once she did it was easy to see how much better they all were together.  The big mystery is “why did the band break up?”

Sex, drugs, rock n” roll. I grew up with this.  I was able to keep up with the story. It was like it came straight from the news. Heck, straight from my life. Not that I was a musician, just that this type of story WAS the news.

When the manuscript for DAISY JONES began to circulate the publishing reps went wild with pure joy.  Everyone was in love with this story. And so am I.

This is more than a story of the building of a band in the seventies. It’s a fresh new way to tell a story of addiction, power, love, obsession, and fame.  I practically had to peel myself from the book to get anything done for two days. I wanted to know how the story ended but, I was loathe to actually finish it.

Taylor Jenkins Reid

The topic of addiction is certainly in the news today.  But it was also up front in the news in the  seventies. Remember the overdose deaths of famous rockers? I do.  Reid addresses  this horrific disease   in ways you will be able to feel deep into your bones.  Torturous.  Imagine living your life knowing that any given moment you most likely would give in to drugs or alcohol again and lose your life.

For those of us who grew up in this generation DAISY JONES will bring back memories.  You didn’t have to be addicted to drugs or alcohol to remember the halcyon days and nights of your younger life.  The songs became memorable and I so enjoyed having the lyrics in the back of the book.

If you loved A STAR IF BORN you are going to love DAISY JONES.

Reid will keep you wondering about the end right up until, well, the end. Compelling story telling at its best.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Our review copy came from Ballantine Books.  Thanks for sending. We all love it at Copperfish.  We have a stack of DIASY JONES & THE SIX at the store. Come on up and get your copy today. They are discounted 20%.

One thought on “Daisy Jones AndThe Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

  1. With all the buzz and the LA Library system only has one ebook copy! Ridiculous. I am going to buy it this weekend. I passed on it originally. Foolish.

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