The Altruists by Andrew Ridker

Andrew Ridker

The Altruists

I almost titled this post “THE VISIT” because this new novel is truly about the visit.

After two years of being a widower and now being stunningly behind in his mortgage 65-year-old Arthur Alter is desperate. Nothing is working out for him. He’s been estranged from his two adult children who live in NYC. He’s not truly enjoying his loveless relationship with a much younger woman, and he’s definitely not happy in his going nowhere job. So, what’a guy to do?

Poor Arthur’s wife died of breast cancer two years ago. While she lay dying he was off having an affair. His children never forgave him. But, his dead wife got even. She left a lot of money to the kids. None for Arthur. Good for her!!!

Arthur thinks if he invites the children to come visit him in St. Louis he might be able to convince them to help him out financially to “save the family home.” Ha ha.  You can only imagine where this is going.

Everyone has been stewing for years over leftover angst.  Ethan’s been stewing in NYC where he’s already blown through his inheritance and is wondering where the next check is coming from. Maggie is bound and determined  NOT to spend her share. She’s become a do-gooder. So when these three get together the tinder box of emotions  is bound to blow at any given moment.

This sly and sharp new novel by Andrew Ridker  is about an awful lot of stuff.  ” Money, campus culture, dating, talk therapy,  rural sanitation (yes), infidelity, kink, the American beer industry, and what it means to be a good person.”

I received a review copy of THE ALTRUISTS from Viking, the publisher, a division of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.  It’s terrific!


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