The Secret of Clouds by Alyson Richman


The Secret of Clouds

I fell in love with Alyson Richman’s writing  several years ago when I received a copy of THE LOST WIFE for Christmas. Since that day I’ve become a true fan. THE SECRET OF CLOUDS is Richman’s newest offering.

THE SECRET OF CLOUDS begins 1986, Kiev.  Something seemed to ring a bell of warning deep in my brain as I read that date and saw Kiev.  It wasn’t until a bit into the story until it resonated .  Then it came to me: Chernobyl.  This was the prologue. The story spans two countries and decades.

This novel is actually a tribute to all teachers everywhere.   THE SECRET OF CLOUDS is a story of two families.  It is present day on Long Island, NY. A young teacher and her  fiancé have rented the cutest cottage ever on Long Island. He is now working at a satellite office and she found a job teaching.  One day her principal asks her to home- school a very special child. This in addition to her daily classes. Yuri is a fragile student who is not strong enough to go to class.  His parents are immigrants from Ukraine.  When she takes the job little does she know what joy and challenge it will bring into her life.

Alyson Richman  says, “ It’s a love letter to all of the dedicated teachers who contributed to making me the writer I am today.”


Alyson Richman

Alyson Richman is the Internationally bestselling author of THE VELVET HOURS and THE LOST WIFE.  If you haven’t already read these two previous book, you need to fly right out the door and buy them. They’re available in trade paper and available at Copperfish Books.

My copy of THE SECRETS OF CLOUDS arrived from Berkley publishing, a division of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. Lovers of Richman are in for yet another treat!



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