Maurice’s Monthly Musings For February.

Welcome to my first post of what will become a monthly post letting you know what I’m up to each month. I’ll give you an idea of what’s to come. I’ll introduce you to a special book and tell you what I’m reading now. I almost let this new opportunity go by the wayside. Having missed the first month of the year already, I figured I’d missed the boat. However, this morning I decided to forge ahead.

So, what am I reading right this minute? THE EDITOR by Steven Rowley (April). What do I think? It’s marvelous.  My review will post in April. Watch for it.

Steven Rowley

The Editor

What book did I just throw down? I had picked up a review copy of Susan Choi’s TRUST EXERCISE which will be available for sale  in April.   After several chapters I tossed it to the curb. Why? It’s getting raves online already. Not for me. Probably not for you. I just found it uninteresting. No matter how well-written a book might be, it has to be INTERESTING.

Now that I’m working part-time in a wonderful Indy Bookstore, I find myself reading as much as six months ahead. It is both wonderful and yet challenging. There are some amazing novels coming down the pike for later this spring and for the summer months. But I can’t review them yet. Publishers frown on reviews too far ahead. There is a fine line.

My lecturing season is in full swing. Busier than ever visiting avid readers at their book clubs throughout the tri-county areas of Collier, Lee, and Charlotte county. Even larger groups than ever before. This is all wonderful. You can now contact me about a small club gathering inside Copperfish for a very manageable fee. Just comment below or push the BOOK ME NOW button here on the blog.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Elaine Newton at Pelican Bay last month. We spoke to a packed house and loved every minute of book talk.

Each year I’m always amazed at the sheer number of really good books that are lecture-worthy, books I can present to my readers. This year  is no exception.

I just received notice from my contact at Worthington Country Club in Bonita Springs last night.  She sent me this photo of a poster.

Worthington Country Club

Worthington Sold Out

I’ve been visiting the great readers at Worthington for more than ten years now.  It’s a joyous luncheon occasion. Linda Johnson takes care of the event and makes sure everyone has a great time. Thanks Linda! I look forward to seeing everyone next week and showing off so many wonderful books.

I had the pleasure of attending the luncheon for Paula McClain last week at the Isles Yacht Club in Punta Gorda. sponsored  by Punta Gorda Friends of the Library. Truly a privilege.

Last month also brought Andre Dubus


Andre Dubus III

to Copperfish Books where we spent an evening celebrating his amazing writing career. A  night to remember.

Now I’m marching  through  February with visits to book clubs each week.

I took a break from reading and writing yesterday to visit the Tuesday Farmer’s Market here on the Cape. Husband came along and carried the goods. He purchased squash blossoms from the local botanicals. He stuffed them with Wisconsin cheeses from the cheese guy at the market. OMG! We stopped at Cork Soakers for a light bite and some fresh sangria. A great day. This is why we live in Florida; for days like that.

Kristina McMorris, the author of SOLD ON A MONDAY, will be speaking and signing her new book this Friday evening at 6 P.M. at Copperfish Books. I can’t wait! Come on up. Please call ahead to reserve your seat now. You can call us at 941-205-2560.

Until March, I’m off to visit my pile of books which is growing each and every day!


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