An Evening With Andre Dubus

Andre Dubus

Andre Dubus & Jean

A few months ago I told you about an upcoming author event at Copperfish. That event was last night. Andre Dubus was that author. What a pleasure to finally meet the man who is one of the most brilliant authors of our time.

The event was sold out.  Andre read from his amazing novel, graciously answered all questions and told stories of being picked for Oprah’s bookclub with HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG years ago. We were all in stitches.  Then he patiently signed everyone’s books and put his personal stamp on conversations.

We are so grateful to Andre for taking the time out of his busy week teaching to come help us sell books at Copperfish.  A  great evening was had by all!

If you click on the title of the book under the cover photo it will take you straight to my review.

We now know why and how this novel was set in our backyard! Loved it!

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