Speaking With Elaine Newton At The Pelican Bay Women’s League

Pelican Bay Women's League

Jean with Elaine Newton

What an exciting day yesterday was! I spoke with my friend Elaine Newton at the Pelican Bay Women’s League.  The house was packed with a delightful group who arrived with their sense of humor in tact.

The topic was books, books, and so many more books.  And about what I do with all these books.  I shared what I do for book clubs in the tri-county area.  I also shared some fun tidbits of meeting big authors and working with Elaine on that amazing summer reading list for Artis-Naples over the years.

Pelican Bay Women’s League

Was truly a fun day meeting new friends and discovering even more avid readers. Sending a big thanks out to Nancy for all her hard work preparing for the event. And to Beverly for sending me copies of the  photos she took. Thank you both!




4 thoughts on “Speaking With Elaine Newton At The Pelican Bay Women’s League

  1. Jean – I really enjoyed your presentation at Pelican Bay yesterday. Thanks so much for your insight into our beloved world of books! I’ve added some of your recommendations to my reading list.

    Elaine Christian

  2. I’ve always enjoyed your talks and your recommendations. Here’s one for you: silentbook.club It was featured in an article on book clubs in the current (Feb.) issue of “O” magazine. Silent Book Club has more than 30,000 members worldwide and meetings all over the globe. My daughter, Laura Gluhanich, who’s mentioned in the article, is one of the co-founders. They also have a facebook page at Silent Book Club. Check it out!

  3. So, if we plan a day trip to Copperfish Book store, which days might we find you lurking in the stacks?
    Joanne Hobin for myself and some other ladies in Pelican Bay

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