The Book Artist by Mark Pryor


The Book Artist

Look at this sparkly photo taken in Paris. Aah.

Hugo Marston is back.  All the books featuring Hugo have been in black and white until this new one. I love how alive the cover is. Good move.

What is a book artist? In this case it’s a young woman who makes art from books. She erects things. And someone is after her. Not in a good way.

THE BOOK ARTIST begins on a rainy and windy winter night in Monmartre, Paris.  Hugo is on his way to an art exhibit featuring books.  He really wasn’t keen on going until he discovered the medium would be books. Right up his alley.

It doesn’t take long to find a dead body and a mystery. After all, this is what Hugo is all about.  Pryor is the master of bringing Paris jumping and leaping high off the page.  The sights, the aromas, and the tastes.. All there for the taking. You will love submerging yourself in the culture of Paris and if you haven’t read Pryor before, well, you are in for a treat.

I am grateful to the publishing house of Seventh Street Books, a division of Prometheus. Thanks again for another stellar Marston novel. It’s a real treat.


2 thoughts on “The Book Artist by Mark Pryor

  1. Hi Jean: I hope you are going to Highland Woods again this month and of course I will be sad to miss it again. Still enjoying your reviews and hope you are doing well. Happy new year!

    Pat Impens

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  2. Yes, Pat, I’ll be at Highland Woods end of the month. I always look forward to it. I will make sure to send you a program. You are the reason I go. Thanks so much. Cheers!

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