The Best Cook In The World by Rick Bragg

I love Rick  Bragg, everything about him.  Ever since hearing him speak in Tampa in September at SIBA ( southern independent book association.) I’ve become a huge fan! When I wasn’t laughing out loud I was listening attentively so as not to miss one single word the man uttered. Yes, that good.

Rick’s newest book is a food memoir. It’s part cookbook but mostly a collection of his mama’s mouth-watering recipes that have literally been passed down through generations of family stories. Yes, because recipes tell stories, ya know!

Margaret Bragg never owned a cookbook. Never measured any ingredients, never timed anything. Some of this, some of that.   Good food always has a good story. Always.

I found myself underlining and marking page after page of THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD. Now I’m on the hunt for cracklin’. God help me, I know not where I shall find it. I am a reader of cookbooks. I’ve been known to take them to bed to read at night. And this one is one of those.

Now, of course, I find myself wanting to own all of Bragg’s books. First I found a used copy of his famous ALL OVER BUT THE SHOUTIN’. Now I’m after the rest. I will not rest until my library is complete. I love hearing Bragg’s voice. I recently heard a podcast Rick did with Mitchell Kaplan of Books and Books in Miami, Florida. And there it was, that wonderful voice I love.  Now I hear his voice in each book I read and I am beyond happy.

Rick Bragg

I have managed to turn a dear friend in New Orleans on to Rich Bragg. Now he’s reading all of the books, too. What I found is that the books are all wonderful. However, I believe Bragg found his voice after the first book. He just gets better and better with age like a fine wine…

I want to know what you, my readers, would think of Copperfish Books having Rick Bragg for an event?

What a great gift this book would make for the holidays. It’s pure joy and wonder!

My review copy came from Knopf Publishers through Copperfish Books. I absolutely adore it and Rick Bragg.  You can pick up a copy of THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD at Copperfish Books right now and it’s 20% off just for you.


One thought on “The Best Cook In The World by Rick Bragg

  1. I’ve never read Bragg before but I had to check Goodreads because I was pretty sure I had. Nope. This book sounds wonderful. I love foodie books.

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