Tony’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani

Adriana Trigiani

Tony’s Wife

Get yourself ready for a big, fat Italian saga set on the Jersey shore, Vegas, and Hollywood. BIG.

When Chiara (Chi Chi ) Donatelli was growing up with  her sisters in a middle class Italian family on the Jersey Shore, she knew two things: she wanted a singing career; and she never wanted to get married and be beholding to a man!

Fast forward to a chance meeting on the beach one summer. Chi Chi meets Saverio Armandonada. The rest is practically history.

Saverio’s father kicked him out of the house one snowy Christmas Eve. They just didn’t understand each other.  Feeling unloved by his father and sick and tired of bowing down to his dad’s every wish, he walked out of the life he’d been living in Detroit.  And this all right after finding out the love of his life was marrying another man.

Chi Chi and Saverio become a swinging duo. She not only sings but writes songs. Really good ones.  Of course the only woman he wants is her. Finally, she comes around and they become married. He becomes Tony Arma the famous crooner, traveling to do shows all over the world.  Chi Chi finds herself stuck at home raising the family while Tony runs the roads and their relationship begins unraveling.  Doesn’t help that even though Tony is wildly in love with Chi Chi, the man can not keep “it” in his pants.

So how’s a girl supposed to sustain a career? Something’s gotta give. I should say someone has to give.

This is a big family saga that will rock your heart. I wanted to bang Tony over the head with a crock pot more than once. But Chi Chi is a good Catholic girl who does not believe in divorce….. But she’s smart with money, thank God.

One of the things that drew Tony to Chi Chi was her big family and their sense of love and devotion to one another. He is torn. But he is a very flawed man. You watch him struggle over and over.

Even though this novel is a big one, I found myself quickly moving through the pages becoming more and more enmeshed in the lives of Tony and Chi Chi. After all, Trigiani is the queen of writing good Italian families.

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