Winner Of The Winters

Lisa Gabriele

The Winters

Questions and answers with Lisa Gabriele:

THE WINTERS begins like a lot of books, with a handsome man sweeping a young woman off her feet. But at its heart, this is a story about women-our unnamed heroine, plucked out of her quiet existence; Rebekah, the dead first wife who haunts her dreams; and Dani, Rebekah’s vengeful teenage daughter. Did you set out to write a story about female friendships, power, and sexuality?

Yes, I’m obsessed with female relationships, sex, and power, and how they intersect. These are my favorite things to read and write about. The genesis of this book began with me thinking about the women in REBECCA, and all the ways modern female characters and a new setting would completely change their relationship with each other. Suddenly THE WINTERS became an exercise in demonstrating how much women have changed in contemporary times, and how some men, especially rich and powerful ones, really have not. 

Much of THE WINTERS is set at Asherley, Max Winter’s opulent estate in the Hamptons. Whey did you choose that setting?

I’ve always been fascinated with Long Island’s moneyed elite; a couple of my favorite books are set there. I loved the storied Gold Coast of THE GREAT GATSBY, and the deceptively serene town in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. I needed a place that combined history and horror and the Hamptons seemed like a natural choice. 


Lisa Gabriele has managed to bring a lot to the table with THE WINTERS.  One of her main characters is involved heavily in politics.  The aura surrounding The Hamptons coming alarmingly alive.  Women’s issues. Mystery, intrigue. This one has it all.

I have a winner. One copy of THE WINTERS by Lisa Gabriele will be sent to Patricia Olsen. Your beautiful book will be sent out directly from Viking, Penguin, Random House. Congrats! And many thanks go out to the generous publishing people at Viking. Thanks guys.  And many thanks also to those of you who took the time to comment. I can’t thank you enough.


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