Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan

Patti Calahan

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

It’s been said that this is the novel Patti Callahan was born to write.  I could not agree more!

Joy Davidman  was the wife of C.S. Lewis. Everyone knows he was a wildly famous writer of both children and adult books. But what is known about his wife, Joy, who was also a writer? In BECOMING MRS. LEWIS we find out all about the woman who was C.S. Lewis’s entire world.

Joy Davidman began corresponding  with C.S. Lewis while married to her first husband, Bill. She was married with two young boys and living in New York state. But something was dreadfully wrong with her life.  Her husband was a failing writer who was also a flaming alcoholic and womanizer.  Joy did everything in her power to “fix” it. Still, it wasn’t working.  Through letters shared with Lewis she kept her sanity, for the most part.  Joy struggled with health issues since a child.  Finally, her cousin convinced her to go to England to get away and heal and work on research for her book.  Of course this would lead to meeting Lewis in the flesh after years of corresponding across the pond.

Lewis and Davidman both had skeletons in their closets. The both had dabbled in communism and had been atheists at one time.  Now that they were Christians they had a lot to talk about.  The blossoming of their relationship over the years did become a love story. An epic and moving story of modern time.  Fresh, sophisticated. Love of each other and love of literature.


Patti Callahan

I want to totally devour all of Lewis’s works now that I have read this novel. I want to pick his brain.  Callahan has written a beautiful novel filled with books, a brilliant mind and great insight to Lewis’s writing.  What a great novel for book clubs to embrace.

My review copy was sent from Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for an honest review. I can’t thank them enough. And, yes, I loved the book!

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