And The Winner Is….

Kerri Maher

The Kennedy Debutante

The winner of THE KENNEDY DEBUTANTE by Kerri Maher is Steve Cutler! Congratulations Steve. I know you’ll love it and so will your wife. Your lovely book will come straight from Berkley, a division of Penguin Random House.

I have just a couple questions and answers with the author. Interesting stuff.

Following the lives of the Kennedy dynasty is a bit of an American Obsession. What do you think it is that fascinates people so much about the Kennedy family?

Despite their wealth and power, they are also the American Any-Family. They’ve suffered the effects of alcoholism, workaholism, wars, bad luck, hubris, and poor medical care-just like the rest of us. And they’ve suffered it all so very publicly, which means we’ve also seen them rebound from their many tragedies and bad decisions.

Kick was known as the rebellious daughter of America’s royal family. What made her rebellious for her time?

Though it’s hard to fathom now, Kick made a very controversial “mixed marriage” when she married outside the Catholic Church-even though she was marrying another Christian. 

What do you hope readers will take away after reading THE KENNEDY DEBUTANTE?

I hope that readers might be able to see the Kennedy family with fresh eyes, as I did. I hope that they will be able to empathize with Kick and her parents and siblings, and see them for real people. Readers embroiled in family struggles of their own-especially women who have been made to doubt their own visions for their lives- I hope will find a friend in Kick. 

So there you have it! And then there is that famous Kennedy Curse….

Thank you all who commented. Go forth and read!

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