The Other Woman by Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

The Other Woman

It’s July and Daniel Silva has brought Gabriel Allon  back for another daring and intriguing segment. Hold onto your hat and your seat. You’re about to take part in one helluva ride through espionage, murder, mayhem, and a tour of many of the high-powered countries of the world.

For those of us who follow Daniel Silva on Facebook and other social media we’ve been thrown tidbits for months now. We get a photo. We guess a location. It’s fun and helps get us even more worked up about the actual pub date of the upcoming book.

I just ripped through THE OTHER WOMAN. I know that I have to wait another year for more Allon. But I can’t help myself. Silva brings back some of the group we love, but not all.  Only what he needs to move the story along. This particular spy novel has a lot of dialog. That’s what pushes the story so quickly. Silva is the master of dialog.  And Allon is so witty. Such dry humor. Silva knows how to perfectly insert the wit just where it needs to be.

Who is the other woman? That’s the question? Of course. Will you be able to guess?  You’ll be taken on a wild ride around the world and given many pieces of the puzzle.  He waited many chapters before introducing a pivotal character. You must pay attention to the details.  With so much information on the table you might think it would be difficult to keep track of who’s who. It’s really not. But you can’t skip around.

Peeks are given of Chiara and the children.  Shamron has a cameo. The usual spies mostly show up. But absolutely no art restoration. So those of you who look forward to that part of the story will once again be disappointed. However, I found myself okay with it. There is so much to the story. And, now Allon is the Office Chief with even less time for anything outside the Office….

There’s a mole somewhere.  The mole must be stopped. Many people are being killed. Russians and Brits and Americans are involved. But who is the mole and where is it?

Silva is so exciting to read. I found my heart pounding crazily more than once. And my mind was all wound up trying to figure it out. Who is the mole?


Daniel Silva

You won’t be disappointed. Allon is back. With a vengeance.

Some months ago I discovered that they will be making a movie of one of the Allon books.  My choice for Allon is the obvious choice, Daniel Silva. When I’m reading these Gabriel Allon books I have always pictured Allon as Silva. Can’t help it. Love it.

I actually read a digital review copy of THE OTHER WOMAN provided by the publishing company of Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review. I loved it, of course!!

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