Giveaway! How To Find Love In A Bookshop by Veronica Henry

Veronica Henry

How To Find Love In A Bookshop

Oh, look! A delightful new novel just out in a trade paperback edition about love and a bookshop. HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP by Veronica Henry is just what you need to add to your summer reading.  Tucked away in the cozy little Cotswold village of Peasebrook is the most charming literary bookshop called Nightingale Books. Owned by Julius Nightingale and visited by loyal customers who are great characters, Nightingale’s is much more than just a store that sells books. Julius’s quaint shop has been a haven for the townspeople for more than twenty years. And his story begins at the end…

Emilia Nightingale has arrived from Hong Kong where she’s been working. She’s come back to Peasebrook to be with her father Julius who is dying of cancer.  So what’s to become of his beloved bookshop?  Emilia makes a deathbed promise to keep Nightingale Books alive not knowing what’s ahead.

It’s not easy running a small Independent bookshop even under the best of circumstances. But when Emilia discovers that the finances are deep in the red she begins to see what she’s gotten herself into. Her father always said he didn’t “do” numbers.  As if things aren’t difficult enough, the big bad wolf is trying to beat the door down. His name is Ian Mendip and he is pressuring Emilia to sell to him. He needs the land> You can see where this is going.

There are a lot of characters in this novel. Almost too many. However, they each fit nicely into the story and have tales of their own that are all about love and keeping it together. And books. They are all about books.

I love the scenes at Peasebrook Manor House. This is the big house where a lot of action happens. (Shades of Downton Abbey) The lady of the Manor is Sarah and she has a secret concerning her relationship with Julius. Then there’s Alice, Sarah’s daughter, who is slated to marry a very bad fellow named Hugh. And Dillon who is the gardener.  He’s handsome and perfect for Alice, but she’s already taken.

There’s a renown chef who is cooking small dinners for two in her cottage. And a father of a young boy who manages to get closer to his son through books recommended by Emilia. And an aging bookseller who remembers the love of her life and gets the chance of a lifetime.

So many people, so many books. So much love. So many stories. And Emilia is in the midst of them all. Will she stay and run the bookshop? Will she find love? Will Alice marry Hugh? I think you are going to fall in love with this sweet little book filled with eclectic characters and love and books.

This book will have legs. It all culminates on Christmas. So this is your gift for the booklover in your life this holiday season!

I’ve been working at Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda for two years now. Working in an Independent Bookshop is so unlike working for a  big box store. I relate to the customers in Nightingale Books. I relate to the owners.  This store reminds me of our little store more than any I’ve read about before. Readers come into small bookshops for many reasons. They are all happy ones.  The store is a community haven where people feel safe and somewhat sound. They are looking for that special book. And booksellers in small shops pride themselves on putting just this perfect book in their hands. They also enjoy talking about their books with other people who obviously love them as much as they do. And they appreciate the personal treatment they receive from small stores. We love our customers and love showing them books we love!

My wonderful finished trade paper copy of HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP by


Veronica Henry

Veronica Henry came from the generous publishing house of PenguinBooks.  Thank you so much. I absolutely adored this book!!

Copperfish Books

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

in Punta Gorda, Florida is featuring  HOW TO FIND LOVE IN  A BOOKSHOP as the bookclub pick in September. I will keep you posted as to the date and times. How fun is this going to be!! This fabulous little book is available now at Copperfish and is discounted 10%. This event is sure to be a big favorite.

Penguin Books is providing one trade paper copy of HOW TO FIND LOVE IN A BOOKSHOP to one very lucky winner. Please leave a comment below to enter my giveaway. I’d love to hear about your local Indy bookshop.  Only U.S. addresses, please, and no P.O. boxes, as usual. I will choose one very lucky winner on Monday, July 16. Good luck everyone!


20 thoughts on “Giveaway! How To Find Love In A Bookshop by Veronica Henry

  1. This looks so fun! Love any books about bookstores! There’s a great one in Chatham MA that I love. Where the Sidewalk Ends. It’s on the Main St right where the sidewalk ends 😄

  2. This is perfect. Independent small bookstores to enjoy, browse and be happy. When I was working, my lunch hours were spent in bookstores relishing all, instead of eating out.
    Instead of weight, I gained knowledge.
    This sounds like a fun read.

  3. Book sounds heavenly. Great indie bookstore in Sandwich, MA named Titcombs. Very active in bringing authors to town for readings. Thank you for all of your book recommendations. So helpful.

  4. This sounds like the perfect book for a book lover like me! I can always find something to love in a book shop!

  5. I can’t wait til Christmas to get this one!! Wanting a fun read after some not-so-good books – none of which were on your lists! I always like the ones you recommend!

  6. Would love to be considered for the book give away. The book sounds delightful. Thank you for your consideration. Also thank you for your book reviews. Many of the books that I read are based on your reviews

  7. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to live in a small apartment attached to a book store & be able to wander through the aisles after business hours & READ, READ, READ! But to find love there too……!!!

  8. Considering I live in a very large city I am always shocked that we really do not have an Indie presence. We have a used bookstore which moved in about a year ago and is doing well but no other “Indies” to speak of close to home or work which is really bizarre. I usually hit Bart’s Books in Ojai (also a used shop) or Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara or Vroman’s in Pasadena. I would kill for a Vroman’s near me.

  9. No independent bookstores left in Naples. How I miss them. You always meet the most interesting people in small bookstores. You are part of a special family.

  10. Love independent bookstores, you meet the most interesting people and the owners have the best book reviews and recommendations. Great one in Connecticut while I’m visiting for the summer..R J Julia

  11. Another marvelous review! Thank you. You are a natural writer, yourself. I’m looking forward to reading and giving this book. Will have to travel up to Copperfish Books from Bonita Springs, where I’ve heard your reviews, next spring when we’re back to FL.

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