The Banker’s Wife

Cristina Alger

The Banker’s Wife

Cristina Alger steps it up a notch with her new thriller THE BANKER’S WIFE.  This author of THE DARLINGS brings us an international thriller that has it all.  Her characters grab hold of the story and run with it! A spider web of intrigue that rings with authenticity. These are people you find yourself rooting for as your heart thumps around in your chest with horror.

Matthew Werner and his beautiful wife Annabel have moved to Geneva, Switzerland to make quick money. He’s working for a mega-banking system and dealing with wealth management. Matthew finds himself deeply involved with the richest and most corrupt people in the world. And how will this work out for him?

Kirkus says--A Private plane takes off from London with two passengers aboard only to crash into the  icy, blank mountains of the Alps, setting off an investigation that will expose corruption in the most elite financial institutions. 

Who is Fatima Amir? She’s a hedge fund investor tied to the corrupt Syrian regime.  You know what that means. Assad is somehow involved and that is NEVER a good thing.

Along comes Marina Tourneau an investigative journalist who is engaged to a man whose father is about to announce a run for the presidency in U.S..

For those of you who enjoy a fast-paced thriller that keeps you engaged this is your read. It’s packed with energy, suspense, and, of course, murder.  What makes it totally plausible is that Alger

Cristina Alger

worked as a financial analyst  and corporate attorney. She finds finance incredibly thrilling and since she’s so comfortable with the nuances of financial firms and transactions she’s able to bring a lot to the table. Very authentic.  She also knows Switzerland and has visited extensively. It shows in her attention to detail.

Alger says she was tired of the unreliable narrator in so many recent novels. So am I. It seems like every other book that comes down the pike these days is touting itself as the next GONE GIRL … Alger brings us a fresh, new thriller that will spark your intellect and keep you turning the pages. And, just look who loved her book! You’ll see blurbs by Lee Child and Nelson DeMille and many more. Need I say more!

My finished hardcover arrived from Putnam ,a division of Penguin Random House, in exchange for an honest review. Honestly, it’s on fire! Perfect for right now.  THE BANKER’S WIFE goes on sale tomorrow, July 3. We will have copies at Copperfish


Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books


in Punta Gorda later in the week. They will be discounted 20% for your reading pleasure.


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