Boardwalk Summer by Meredith Jaeger

Meredith Jaeger

Boardwalk Summer

I read this one in no time flat. BOARDWALK SUMMER sure does have a compelling cover.  And once you start turning the pages you’ll find yourself ensconced  in the summer of 1940,  filled with pageantry, mystery, and glamour.  And much, much more.

When Violet Harcourt wins the title of Miss California in her hometown of Santa Cruz,  the judges have no idea she is hiding a secret.  A big secret. You see, Violet is married. Only single young women with no children can  enter…. When her husband finds out there is Hell to pay, literally.  Charles is the worst kind of abusive husband.  No one knows.

Move to  2007. We meet a single mother  who’s working hard to make it on her own. Her name is Marisol Cruz.  She lives in a small cottage in Santa Cruz that belonged to her grandfather. He was a famous performer on the boardwalk years ago. When Mari is doing some research into her town’s history, she comes across a photo of her grandfather with Violet. All the articles talk about Violet coming to a devastating ending.

This novel begins lightly, but quickly takes a turn. The subject of abuse is such a hot-button item. It’s unfathomable the number of women who are being abused right under our noses. Been happening forever. Entire families are torn apart. Jaeger manages to tackle this sensitive issue in a way that makes you think you are being allowed a peek inside these people’s personal lives. I will never forget Violet.

The subject of the boardwalk on the coast brings back memories for me and my family. For as many years as I can recall, we’ve been enjoying sunsets on Mallory Square in Key West, Florida. Not only are the sunsets so memorable, it’s the street performers who truly steal the show. Some have been performing for years. Personally, I am a big fan of  Dominique the Cat Man. Surprise. But makes me wonder what their stories are….

Every family has their secrets. I’m convinced EVERY family has them. And I love reading about them.

My trade paper edition of BOARDWALK SUMMER by Meredith Jaeger arrived from William Morrow publishers, a division of Harper Collins, in exchange for an honest review. It’s a great summer read. I was delighted to find so much substance in a beach read. We’ll be carrying BOARDWALK SUMMER at Copperfish Books

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

in Punta Gorda. Come on in and pick up your copy later this week!


3 thoughts on “Boardwalk Summer by Meredith Jaeger

  1. Definitely a hot topic right now. I volunteer for homeless outreach and the building we are in also houses the Domestic Violence Center. Many of these women are also homeless since they were forced to leave their spouses or sig others but the little bits I hear is enough to make you very mad. It happens a lot and even in the nicest of neighborhoods. DV does not discriminate.

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