A French Wedding by Hannah Tunnicliffe

Hannah Tunnicliffe

A French Wedding

Okay, the cover is magnificent. We all want to be there. Right now. And, after all, it’s summer. We should be there celebrating with food and wine and good friends. Shouldn’t we?

We’re in Brittany in the south of France. A once famous rocker has a wish for his fortieth birthday: for his six life-long best friends to get together at his French country house to celebrate for a weekend like no other. He also has a big surprise planned. He’s going to ask his best friend Helen to marry him. Gulp. They’ve been nothing more than that all these years as he’s kept secret his deep and abiding love for this woman.

“Together for the first time in years, it’s not long before love triangles, abandoned dreams, and long-held resentments bubble over, culminating in a wedding none of them ever expected?

Max is the aging rocker. Juliette is his personal chef. She’s recently taken the job because she had to sell her dream restaurant in Paris to  help care for her ailing parents in Brittany.

I loved the scenery and the delightful meals.  I felt totally transfixed to this luscious place on earth. Meandering through the markets. The scents of the flowers and trees. And the aroma of the local wines. All very much a summertime treat. Summer has arrived  here in North America. And we are all ready to start experiencing novels that enhance the few months of heady warm weather.

You can only imagine how many secrets are revealed and how many fights break out when people get together after so long apart. After all, we don’t all remember the past exactly as it was.  You may even see some of yourself or your family or friends in these characters.

Hannah Tunnicliffe is the author of two previous novels, “The Color of Tea” and “Season of Salt and Honey.” She currently lives in New Zealand with her husband and three daughters.

We have copies of A FRENCH WEDDING in paperback at Copperfish Books.

Punta Gorda

Copperfish Books

Another novel to stick in the beach bag! My gorgeous finished paperback came from Anchor books, a division of Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review.  You’d be so silly to miss out on this one.



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