The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah

Ann Mah

The Lost Vintage

Just look at this drop- dead gorgeous cover! Love at first sight. I just wanted to click my heels like Dorothy and land smack dab in the picture.   Where is this, you may ask? Burgundy in the French wine region. Simply gorgeous.

A few years ago I came across a memoir called THE ART OF FRENCH EATING. It was by Ann Mah.


Ann Mah

It was sumptuous and beautifully written. I so enjoyed visiting all the towns and villages within a short train ride from.  The best part was learning all about the seasonal veggies and fruits in each area and the people who helped make her visits memorable.

In THE LOST VINTAGE a young woman named Kate is living and working in San Francisco. She is determined to pass the Master Wine examination and become one of only a few hundred certified wine experts in the world. She’s already failed the test twice. Bummer! When she looses her job she hops the pond and spends time at her family’s ancestral vineyard in Burgundy, France. Nothing like jumping right in. Her cousin Heather and Heather’s  husband Nico have been living and overseeing the vineyard. And there is also Jean-Luc to consider. She was going to marry him and disappeared ten years ago. She’s not seen him since.

Mystery surrounds the cellar of the main house. But it’s what’s not in the cellar that turns out to be the show-stopper here.  When Kate finds a diary in the cellar, this story begins to pulse and throb.  And we find ourselves back in the days of the resistance during WW11.

I wonder how many bottles of wine are still buried in the ground and in cellars in the French countryside.  I know Hitler commandeered much of it. But, we also know many vintners were able to safeguard thousands of bottles of wine worth many fortunes.

Throw in a romance.  Add some mighty find food. And you have a great summer read that takes place mostly in France.

My review copy came from William Morrow Books. Thanks so much! It’s so perfect  for summer and will be available for purchase on June 19. We will have copies at Copperfish Books

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Copperfish Books

in Punta Gorda at 20% off  the week it goes on sale. Come on up and see us!


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