High Season by Judy Blundell

Judy Blundell

The High Season

It’s not the Hamptons. It’s the other end of the island. The end that is much more low key. That’s where Ruthie Beamish and her family live.  But the only way they can afford to live there is by renting the house out three months of the year. Of course those are the most wonderful months… Hey, it is what it is. Her teenage daughter hates this.  When the novel begins it’s that time of the year again. Yeah, you guessed it. Time to pack up their belongings and move out for the summer so some hotshot rich person can take over their home.

This novel takes place on Long Island, New York. But this is a novel we here in S.W. Florida can certainly relate to, especially during the winter months when our own roads are swollen past capacity and it seems as if no one in a vehicle has any idea where he or she is or how to drive… And, what is a turn signal, anyhow?

Ruthie and her husband are separated. They share a daughter who’s at “that” difficult age.  They’ve been managing to have a pretty good relationship until…. he finds someone. It was inevitable.  But the someone he finds is one of the beautiful people and so a whole lot of bitterness comes to the surface. And we begin to see a far deeper chasm between them than was earlier thought to be.

Ruthie works as head of the local art museum where she’s been at the helm for many  years. She feels quite secure there and enjoys her work. The “board” members love her. For now..

Suddenly, Ruthie’s job, her home, and her entire life are in jeopardy. Scrunched into a corner, she feels she has nowhere to turn.  And all her so-called friends have turned on her to save their own butts.

If you enjoy Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Alice Monroe, this could be your next summer read. I loved it! The venue is unique for me. The writing is great. The characters memorable. You will love adding it to your tbr pile for the summer.

My review copy came from Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. I loved it!


One thought on “High Season by Judy Blundell

  1. You have been reviewing some good summer reads. I would hate to have to rent my place out during the one part of the year I would enjoy it the most.

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