Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m wishing all you mothers  out there an incredible day filled with love and family, and, well, something great to read! THE HIGH TIDE CLUB by Mary Kay Andrews will have you laughing and biting your fingernails trying to figure out who done it.

Mary Kay Andrews

The High Tide Club

You may have noticed I’m reading a lot of lighter stuff right now. There’s a reason for this. I  have been reading some pretty heavy novels over the past several months. And, I’ll be reading more of the literary books I’ll be reviewing soon.  So, I’m giving myself permission to read some lighter novels just for the enjoyment of it. They’re all well-written. All by authors I love. All quick and easy.

Mother's Day

Flowers & Bennett’s Donuts

My daughter-in-law Ana was at my door bright and very early this morning. She had in her hands a huge bouquet of colorful flowers and a specialty strawberry cheesecake doughnut from my favorite Donut Shop, Bennetts.

On Friday, I received the cutest little box in the snail mail.

Alicia Lewis Murray

Mother’s Day tea

Alicia was not able to be here today, but, she sent some cups of love via the post. We do love a good cup of tea. I love the photo on the top of the box. We were visiting Black Mountain over a year ago.  It reminded me that we’ll be going back to visit the new bookstore on the mountain later this summer.

Wyatt literally smelling the roses

My husband Jack is preparing broiled lobster tails and his famous stuffed portobello mushroom caps for dinner tonight.  And I get to choose the movie tonight.

I hope you all get to touch base with your children. It’s a great day for celebration! What on earth would we do without our mothers!



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