Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton

Lauren K. Denton

Hurricane Season

Just the title of this new novel from Lauren K. Denton, HURRICANE SEASON, brings  out prickles of apprehension up and down my spine. The memories of our own devastating hurricane season last year are still too fresh to push aside. So I was a bit on the fence about taking this book on. However, along came Lizy, another bookseller at Copperfish. And she loved this book.

The title of this novel could rightly be THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM. But, even having said that, it really wasn’t all calm even then. Betsy Franklin and her husband Ty were living and working in Alabama on  the dairy farm that had been in Ty’s family for generations. It’s all he ever wanted. Life was good. But, there was trouble in paradise. Ty and Betsy have not been able to have a child, and that’s all that Betsy wants now.

Jenna is Betsy’s younger sister. She’s living in Nashville raising her two young daughters alone, working as a manager of a coffee shop. An amazing opportunity becomes available to her. But, she needs to find someone to watch her two kids. Would mean being away for two weeks. Jenna was a talented photographer before the girls came along. Now she’s been accepted into a prodigious art colony named Halcyon Art Retreat in Florida. And she wants to make this happen so she can make a better life for herself and her girls. Will Betsy agree to care for the girls for two weeks?

But two weeks turns into much longer and much more.  And both their lives become tangled with thoughts of past problems and future angst.

With nervous anticipation, we discover a huge cat 4 hurricane is coming straight up through the Gulf and targeting the area where the farm lies.  The tension builds as we hear updates each day. Where will the storm make landfall?

I found my heart pounding at the beginning of each chapter with the blurb at the top of the page with the newest update. You see, we went through this in September when Irma plowed through S.W. Florida. We know the anxiety of wondering if we should stay or leave. Not everyone can leave. And we chose to stay. Both sons also chose to stay.  We spent one helluva stressful afternoon in the safety of a large closet in our house. So we know how high the anxiety level can rise.

As much as I enjoyed this novel I must say the scenes right before and during the storm left some room for improvement. But the issues of relationships, family issues, and second chances were spot-on.

Our review copy of HURRICANE SEASON by Lauren K. Denton was provided by Harper Collins in exchange for honest reviews. Lizy and I thought it was a pretty darn good read! Come on up to Copperfish Books


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Copperfish Books

where you will find it on our summer reading table.



3 thoughts on “Hurricane Season by Lauren K. Denton

  1. The cover appeals to me. Such an innocent cover for a book about a hurricane! Natural disasters are frustrating because you can’t control them. You really can’t. At least with a hurricane you can prepare a little. We can’t with earthquakes. When we had the really big one we had supplies but couldn’t get to them with doorways collapsed, etc.

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