Natural Causes by Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich

Natural Causes

Many of you may remember Barbara from her fabulously popular book called NICKEL AND DIMED. I was fascinated with her depiction of America and the working class.

Ehrenreich writes smart non fiction books. This one caught my eye when I saw the sub title on the cover.  An epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves  to live longer. How can you not read on…

I quickly found myself flagging pages and rereading entire paragraphs.  Everything we read tells us how to live longer…. but not necessarily better.  Inside the front flap A razor-sharp polemic, which offers an entirely new understanding of our bodies, ourselves, and  our place in the universe. NATURAL CAUSES describes how we over-prepare and worry too much about what is inevitable. Ehrenreich topples the shibboleths that, one by one, guide our attempts to live a long, healthy life-from the importance of preventive medical screenings to the concepts of wellness and mindfulness, from dietary fads to fitness culture.”

I read through this book in an afternoon by the pool. I kept stopping to read passages to my husband. At times, I found it laugh-out-loud funny. Others, caustic and even sad. Mostly what I found was that Ehrenreich is of the age where we often times say “no more” to the usual suspects such as too many routine tests. I especially liked the part where she talks about rebellion against yearly dental x-rays.  Are they absolutely necessary? And how much radiation are you receiving?  I question so much more now that I am of a certain age. Maybe we all should. I”m not advocating throwing caution to the wind, but I am questioning some of it.

NATURAL CAUSES might even brighten your day. Might have you lightening up a bit. After all, don’t we want to enjoy the rest of our lives as well as be healthy and safe!

Barbara Ehrenreich

Natural Causes

Barbara Ehrenreich

has a PhD in cellular immunology from Rockefeller University and writes frequently about health care and medical science, among many other subjects.

I am not beholding to any publisher for this review. I borrowed it from the library. Boom!

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