Maurice’s Summer Reading List

Meg W.

The Female Persuasion

If this one isn’t on your TR list you will need to immediately put it at the top! THE FEMALE PERSUASION is already getting a lot of well-deserved attention. It’s bound to become a classic.


Sarah Winman

Tin Man

by Sarah Winman is out next month. Little novel with big heart.

Anna Quindlen

Alternate Side

THE ALTERNATE SIDE by Anna Quindlin. NYC, marriage, new beginnings.

Luis Alberto Urrea

The House of Broken Angels

THE HOUSE OF BROKEN ANGELS by Luis Alberto Urrea.  Heartfelt and witty. Urrea knows his stuff.


Paula McClain

Love and Ruin

by Paula McClain. Hemingway’s third wife, Key West, Cuba. Yes, it’s well-worth the read. Martha Gelhorn rocks.

Jenna Blum

The Lost Family

THE LOST FAMILY by Jenna Blum will be out in June. Yes, she’s the author of THOSE WHO SAVE US.


Tayari Jones

An American Marriage

by Tayari Jones is a quick read that everyone is talking about.

Judy Blundell

High Season

THE HIGH SEASON by Judy Blundell is available next month. Grab a copy and run with it!

NEXT YEAR IN HAVANA by Chanel Cleeton should be on everyone’s list. The cover itself is enough to draw you in. But it’s the wonderful story that will keep you reading. And it’s in paper.

Chanel Cleeton

Next Year In Havana

THE OVERSTORY by Richard Powers is a tome of a novel. Only for those very literary readers. Reimagining our place in the living world. Powerful!

Richard Powers

The Overstory

This is but a smattering of the books I’m suggesting for summer. Some, as you can see, are literary. Some are less. All are well-written.

The Critic’s Choice Summer Reading List will be available soon. Maybe later this week. I will keep you posted. We are working feverishly to get it to you in a timely manner as always.

5 thoughts on “Maurice’s Summer Reading List

  1. Love the summer reading list, but really wish was in actual list form. Know I am lazy and guess I will just enter it myself by list and print.
    sue terry

  2. I probably should not even have called it a list. It is actually just a few good books for reading over the summer. No need to list and print. I will actually have the Critic’s Choice list up shortly. Plus, I’m working on a lighter list for fluff.

  3. The first four books you listed are also on my list. I can’t even think about summer reading right now. I mean, I always like to think about it but to put it into an actual list? Not quite yet! Although it was 90 degrees here yesterday which is really not good for this time of year.

  4. It’s almost been ninety here for days. A front is coming through tonight, but we don’t expect much if any cool down.

    I shouldn’t have really called this my summer reading list. I have more books. I have literary and then much lighter beach reading. All good, but extreme opposites. Some of my friends tease me because I do read and enjoy the beach reads.

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