Books On My Radar And Coming Soon

I’ve been pouring over a big book called Buzz Books for Spring and Summer 2018.

Buzz Books

Buzz Books 2018 Spring/Summer

This book is hundreds of pages long. A booklover’s true love. Comes out twice a year.  It is the bible for bookseller’s.  We discover what’s coming out.  I’ve highlighted and underlined and flagged to my heart’s content. Now Serena is about to do the same thing at Copperfish.  We even have pages of first time authors, highly anticipated.  This book is not for the general reading public but, I wanted to share it with you today because I thought you would enjoy knowing more about how we operate. And, I will say this, not every single title is even here…. OMG! Lot’s of work keeping up. But worth every moment of it.

I thought I’d toss out a couple titles on my radar. Just a couple

CIA Siena 50's

The Italian Party

THE ITALIAN PARTY comes out March 20. I just finished it. It’s very atmospheric. In fact, it’s made me realize that I need to add that as a category.  I think you’re going to love it.


I Was Anastasia

I WAS ANASTASIA has one of the most drop-dead covers I’ve ever seen!! Coming soon.


I will post more soon.




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