Me With Mary Alice Monroe At Copperfish Books

Mary Alice Monroe

Mary Alice and Jean Lewis

What a happy event at Copperfish Books yesterday afternoon. Sunny, not too hot. Not one cloud in the sky. A perfect day for one of my favorite authors to visit our great store. She didn’t come alone. She brought her friend Steve Baptiste aka The Canary Man.


Mary Alice Monroe

The Beach House

is my very favorite of all of Mary Alice’s amazing novels. Over the years she’s made it into a very popular series. Readers sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the next installment. And, now, THE BEACH HOUSE has been made into a Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie and will air on April 28, 2018.  #TheBeachHouseHallmarkMovie. I can’t wait.


Beach House For Rent

The latest book in the series is BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT. Coming out in trade paper soon. We had copies at Copperfish for Mary Alice to sign. As well as copies of all the books in the series.  Mary Alice graciously signed  copies for our store and we have them for those of you who did not get to attend. Why was Steve Baptiste at this event with Mary Alice, you may ask? One of the characters in BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT has canaries. Mary Alice has canaries. She got her birds from Steve. She even brought two of her beautiful birds to show us. And Steve brought many gorgeous singing birds for  us to enjoy. They sang their hearts out. And we learned a lot about caring for canaries and how special they are.  Such a joy.

new book

Beach House Reunion


And now what a treat to learn that one more installment of the BEACH HOUSE series is on the way. On May 22, BEACH HOUSE REUNION will be available. I have it on good merit that there is a big surprise at the beginning of this new novel. I can’t wait!

For those of you who may have missed Mary Alice’s visit yesterday she has assured us she will visit again. It’s all good!

Full house

As you can see we had a full house with standing room only.

Serena, Steve, Mary Alice, Cathy


5 thoughts on “Me With Mary Alice Monroe At Copperfish Books

  1. I wish I had known she was visiting your store! Mary Alice Monroe is one of my favorite authors! I have all her books and am looking forward to her next one in the series. Looking forward to the Hallmark movie too!

  2. I am so sorry you missed Mary Alice. She’s such a peach. Are you on Facebook? We announce all events on Facebook. Plus, if you get our newsletter it lets you know when authors are coming. If you like I can put you on our store list. I just need to use an email. If you give me permission I will put you on.

  3. You have my permission to use my email. I do receive your book reviews which I love but didn’t see any notice on Mary Alice Monroe’s visit.

  4. So jealous! I miss seeing Mary Alice and getting her ARC to read. Looking forward to the movie coming out. Seems like it’s taken forever. And the new installment…just before my birthday! What a gift!

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