An Evening With Ariel Lawhon


Ariel Lawhon

She’s beautiful, charming, witty, and smart. She’s also an amazing author of three published historical novels. I’m presently reading a review copy of I WAS ANASTASIA. It’s amazing!

Ariel spoke at the Northern Trust Bank Fort Myers Literary Society.  She was invited to speak about her current book: FLIGHT OF DREAMS.

Ariel Lawhon

Flight of Dreams

Who wouldn’t want to read about the Hindenburg!  And what a great way to discover more information about this event. I love reading great historical fiction. A divine way to learn… Lawhon draws from several real characters who actually made the flight. Of course she puts the words in their mouths. Still, what a fascinating story filled with murder and history. Everyone loved it.

Lawhon’s upcoming novel,  I WAS ANASTASIA,


I Was Anastasia

is based on the history of the Romanov’s. You know, how they were all marched to the basement in Siberia and shot to death. All of them. Then a woman appears out of nowhere and claims to be Anastasia. But, is she! So this novel is told in two voices: the actual voice of the young Anastasia, and the voice of Anna, the woman who claims she is her. It’s riveting. Look at the cover. OMG! Lawhon gave us all a snippet of this novel. Just enough to whet appetites.

I was invited as a guest to this event. Thank you Donna. I am so glad to have attended. I have high hopes for this new novel! You are going to love them both.

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