The Deceivers by Alex Berenson

Alex Berenson

The Deceivers

This one is for those of you who love a good thriller. I’ve heard it through the grapevine that Berenson writes somewhat like Daniel Silva. That intrigues me!!

This is the 12th in the series with John Wells. Berenson takes his character all over the world. And Berenson also travels to these locales. I love this.  I have not read any books in this series. But I love a great thriller.

I read the first page just to get a feeling for the writing. I like it. I like it a lot. I wanted to give a shout out for this book because I just have a feeling. I will post a review down the road. For now, my husband has confiscated the book and is about to begin it. I will let you know what he thinks!

As a reporter for The New York Times, Berenson


Alex Berenson

covered topics ranging from the occupation in Iraq–where he was stationed for three months–to the flooding of New Orleans, to the world pharmaceutical industry, to the financial crimes of Bernard Madoff. He graduated from Yale University in 1994 with degrees in history and economics, and lives in New York City.  THE FAITHFUL SPY won the 2007 Edgar Award for best first novel.

Thanks to Putnam, a division of Penguin Random House publishing, for sending.


2 thoughts on “The Deceivers by Alex Berenson

  1. I have read the first 10 in the series and the 11th is on my bookshelf. How lucky for you to get a pre-release copy of #12!

    I also review books and have rated all of them 4 stars or better. He is not Silva, but one of the better thriller writers (along with Ben Goes, Vince Flynn/Kyle Mills, and Brad Thor).

    Looking forward to your review.

    Steve Cutler


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