If The Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss

Leah Weiss

If The Creek Don’t Rise

When I read the synopsis of this debut novel by Leah Weiss, I could not wait to read the whole story. Compelling and raw, these characters each have a story critical to the core of the novel. You will never forget them. In fact, this story will stay with you like an open wound.

Fifteen days after Sadie Blue marries Roy Tupkin, she knows she’s in trouble. And the trouble is far more than becoming pregnant with his baby before they got hitched.  Roy has taken to beating Sadie at his every whim.  And so begins the dumbing down of her already little life.  A life that seems to be taking on the look of her grandmother’s life. You see, her grandmother was beaten by her grandfather for many years. Walter was pretty much everything that Roy is.  And Walter is no longer in the picture.

When a stranger comes to the small town of Baines Creek everyone in town arrives at church service to catch a glimpse. What’s to see? A new lady teacher with a strong will who stands tall and stands up for those less fortunate.  Kate Shaw is someone to be reckoned with.

The town has more than its share of drunkard men, high on the moonshine that rules the mountains of North Carolina back in the day.  Lots of backward-thinking people who only know how to continue living life as they’ve always done. But maybe things are going to change. Maybe.

When a local girl goes missing the whispered chatter points to Sadie’s husband Roy and his friend Billy.  We know Roy is a horrid man. But is he this horrid?…

Revenge can be a wonderful thing. I love reading novels about revenge. Especially when it’s well-deserved.  My pages begin flying and my heart races.

This is a debut novel by Leah Weiss.


Leah Weiss

She was born in North Carolina and knows this area well.  She retired in 2015 from a 24 -year career. Now she’s written this great novel.  How lucky for us. I can’t wait for the next one.

My copy of IF THE CREEK DON’T RISE by Leah Weiss came from Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review. Reminiscent of THE HELP and THE KITCHEN HOUSE, I think  you are in for a real treat!

4 thoughts on “If The Creek Don’t Rise by Leah Weiss

    • I just finished reading this book. Read it as Hurricane Irma was howling outside and rain was unrelenting. Her characters were so descriptive they seemed to walk right off the pages and come alive. She devoted a chapter to each character giving enough insight that you really empathized with some and highly disliked others. Surprise ending! What an awesome first book! How will she be able to surpass the setting, plot and characters of this, her first novel?

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