I was in Asheville, North Carolina last week helping my daughter out with the grandkids while her husband was in California on business. What a hardship. Ha Ha. I flew Allegiant because it flies nonstop into Asheville from Punta Gorda which is practically in my backyard.  Flying Allegiant can be tricky; they are frequently not on time, and sometimes cancel flights with very little notice. Nevertheless, everything went swimmingly this time.

I was prepared for a break from the scalding heat of summer here in S.W. Florida. What a treat I had. I did not break a sweat once during the week. Not once. And we walked in the mountains and I walked up and down steps every day. The weather was delightful. I enjoyed scenic views of the mountains from the middle deck each morning as I sipped my freshly brewed coffee. In the evening we lounged on the deck as the sun set and enjoyed the colors of the sky change and the fire flies buzz around the yard. What a rush.

The family recently adopted two gorgeous kittens: Ruby and Stella. Here’s Ruby on her new blanket. It was fun playing with these two cuties. Their fat tails tell the story of how fluffy they will be when grown:)


My daughter celebrated her birthday while I was visiting. We made it an entire week of celebration. Started at Sunny Point Cafe in the west end of Asheville. A fabulous breakfast with BACON as only that area can provide. Big, thick, juicy bacon. Yes, we have bacon in Florida, if you can call it that. But nothing like this.

We visited two great bookstores in town. Malaprops



is known throughout the Independent Bookshop System as one of the greats. Just wandering around the stacks you can almost feel the shadows of the famous authors who’ve signed their books here. A must-visit store. My daughter purchased the new Minecraft novel for my grandson Liam.


Liam on his deck, reading!







My personal favorite is The Battery Champagne Bookstore.

used books

Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar

This place is becoming well-known. You can come in, sit at the bar and order a glass of champagne or, have a cup of their amazing coffee. They also have treats. But the big draw are the books. They’re all gently used, and some are antique.


Battery Park Book exchange bar

As you wander the floors and make your way up and down the stairs you’ll be pleased to find nooks and crannies tucked away where you can hide and read and sip your beverage.  It’s a book lover’s paradise. I never, ever miss this place. Neither should you.

My trip downtown is not complete without a stop at Mast General Store. It’s a wonderful general store that’s become a monument in this town. They have everything from great clothes to books and souvenirs and hats and even those old fashioned penny candies and more. A truly fun spot for everyone!

Our visit to the French Broad Chocolate Lounge

French Broad




was by far the most fun event all week. We planned strategically. Ate a light dinner before making our way downtown knowing we would be diving into the best chocolate anywhere.  We chose a couple of things to share.

French Broad


They did not last long. So, I made a mom mom decision to return to the counter and order MORE! Kids almost ran over me to get there. We chose the flourless chocolate cake and the divine chocolate and coconut milk mousse. We chose well. And not one lick was left on a plate.


French Broad (after)

One early evening we made a trip to visit the sunflowers at the Biltmore’s Antler Village.  Rows upon rows of majestic yellow beauties.





The real objective of any visit to Asheville is to spend valuable time with my family. The kids enjoyed cuddling and learning to play a new game: Monopoly.  The real board version.  I got to spend time with my daughter talking about food, our blogs, and books!

Now that I’m back home it’s time to start to get serious about the upcoming reading season. Already, books are piling in for the next  six months. It’s both exciting and overwhelming. I look forward to sharing with you the best of the best of them in the coming months. And seeing a lot of you at this season’s lectures. Cheers!




4 thoughts on “Asheville-Chocolate-Asheville-Mountains-Asheville-BACON

  1. Loved reading about your trip to visit family in Asheville! What fun you had! The Asheville area is a delightful place to visit!

  2. Couldn’t agree more, our daughter also lives in Asheville … no visit is complete without a visit to Malaprops and The Battery Champagne Bookstore. I enjoy your recommendations!

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