The Cafe By The Sea by Jenny Colgan

Jenny Colgan

The Cafe By The Sea

I quickly devoured this sumptuous novel in a day. THE CAFE BY THE SEA by Jenny Colgan is just delightful and perfect for you midsummer.  I deserved a good, light, read filled with lovable characters and a gorgeous and somewhat unique locale. Boom! Here it is.

Flora left her tiny island home of Mure at the farthest northern tip, hoping to make a better and more exciting life for herself in bustling London. It was her mom’s final and dearest wish.  But be careful what you hope for. Flora lands a job in a legal office and falls for her handsome boss.  But this guy is surely not right for her. They are odds and ends, to be sure. When Flora is asked to return to her island home on Mure by a wealthy client of the law firm, she finds herself back where she started from…  Her brothers and her still grieving father are not doing so well. The farm is a filthy mess. God only knows what they’ve been eating.  But Flora’s there to do a job. She’s helping this billionaire get his business going on Mure.  He’s fallen for the island and is building a sprawling hotel for the very well-to-do. But he’s doing it all wrong, you see. He is making enemies all around. And this is one small island.  Flora’s job is to make nice with the islanders she knows and help this guy settle in. But, these islanders are not big fans of Flora, not since she ran off to join the city..

Filled with lush scenery, unusual flora and fauna, and all the makings of a great romance, THE CAFE BY THE SEA is a wonderful summertime read.  I loved it. I tried to slow my reading down but, could not. There’s something for us all in this novel. Whales, seals, dogs, birds. Food galore. And not just any food, mind you. We find that Flora truly is a really good cook. She’s come by it naturally as she is following in her mom’s footsteps. That’s a part of the story I loved so much: finding her mom’s recipe journal. All written in her mom’s handwriting.  And a few great recipes at the end of the novel.

This is a romance novel. But it’s so much more. Reminds me of the writing of JoJo Moyes. And I do not say that lightly.  Did I tell you how much I enjoyed the actual read? I did.

There are two love interests. And you absolutely can not figure out who will be the one. Then there is another unlikely love story going on at the same time.

If you are looking for that book to sweep you away to somewhere special this summer, well, this is the one.  I borrowed my copy from the library. Loved it! Now want to read more of Jenny Colgan’s books.

Jenny Colgan


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