A Paris All Your Own edited by Eleanor Brown


A Paris All Your Own

I am so excited about this book of essays written by bestselling women authors.  It’s all about Paris! Most of you already know how much I love to read about Paris.

Each of the writers in this collection attempts to answer a question: Why do we love writing -and-reading-stories about Paris? Their personal stories are both enlightening and fun to read; informative and full of feeling. I think you will fall in love with this book. I certainly did. Over a period of two days I may as well have been in Paris.  I tried to eke it out longer but….I’ll just reread it.

You’ll find yourself transported to the City of Light. You’ll be totally enmeshed in the culture, the food, the atmosphere, and the French people. And some of the stories will surprise you. I know I was truly surprised to find that Paula McLain had not visited France at all before penning her wildly popular “The Paris Wife.” Her story stands out in my mind the most. Then there’s Meg Waite Clayton and you figure out how her novel “The Race for Paris” managed to sound so authentic. And, how about Therese Anne Fowler, who wrote ” A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.” She’s here talking about her story.  The memoirist Julie Powell who wrote “Julie and Julia” shares her experience. Susan Vreeland of “The Girl in Hyacinth Blue” brings her take of Paris to the pages. And many more.

Good morning Paris (Chris Murray)

Eleanor Brown edits this delightful collection. Some are laugh out loud funny. Others wistfully romantic, and some more serious and reflective.

This is the perfect little book to read over the summer. It’s great to have on your nightstand, too. And to pack away in your beach bag. But read it you must. After all, we do love Paris so!

My review copy arrived from Putnam a division of PenguinRandomHouse in exchange for an honest review. I actually requested this one and am thrilled that I did. Thanks guys. I loved it!


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