The Little French Bistro by Nina George

Nina George

The Little French Bistro

We all fell in love with ,THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP, a couple years ago. Seemingly out of the blue, Nina George

Nina George

arrived on the scene with her  unique little novel about a bookseller who sold books on a barge in Paris. It became a big hit. Still is now that it is in paperback.

Well, you’re in for another treat. Nina has penned a new novel set in France and filled with eclectic and lovable characters with the same charm as her former novel. This time we find a disheartened German woman who’s been stuck in a miserable marriage to a complete asshole of a man. That’s the only way to describe this guy! Marianne’s been married to this jerk for forty-one years. Holy cow. When they travel to Paris through a package deal, she realizes she has had enough of this. She decides to end it all. One evening on the banks of the Seine she jumps into the murky water believing this is it. However, a homeless man saves her and she is rushed to the hospital.  Stubborn and determined woman that she is, Marianne walks out of the hospital and disappears. She’s off to Brittany where she believes it will be far easier to end her misery.

Marianne speaks no French.  But it doesn’t seem to matter  as she manages to make her way from Paris to the coast of Brittany.  And there she meets some delightful people in a small town where she becomes a cook at the little bistro. Soon enough the inhabitants open up to Marianne showing their true personalities. Of course it seems as if everyone is involved in some sort of unusual relationship. So Marianne fits in beautifully.  She even meets a charming Frenchman who woos her.

Alas, just when Marianne seems to be settling in nicely, along comes the “husband” trying to spoil it all…. So what does Marianne do? You’ll be charmed as you read along this summer. Do stash a copy in your beach bag.  This one is sure to delight.

THE LITTLE FRENCH BISTRO has been translated from the German by  Simon Pare.

I read my review copy on my digital device. I have the kind people at Crown publishing, a division of PenguinRandomHouse to thank. As always, thanks a bunch!

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