The Perfect Beach Read and Winner

Mary Alice Monroe

Beach House for Rent

It all began years ago with a little book called “The Beach House.”   I am a huge Mary Alice Monroe fan.  It was the first book of hers I’d read. And I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Isle of Palms, South Carolina, beaches, marine life, mother-daughter drama. Perfect.  Over the years Mary Alice has brought us more of this story and it became a series. She’s wrapping that series up with “Beach House for Rent.”

“Beach House for Rent” is the story of two strangers and the power of the places we call home. Cara Rutledge, 50, and Heather Wyatt, 26, are at two very different stages of their lives. Cara rents her quaint beach house on Isle of Palms to Heather for the summer to paint birds for postage stamps. Yet Heather’s anxiety keeps her indoors with her caged canaries. Once at the beach the shore birds–and a man who rescues them–lure Heather outside. As the summer progresses and Heather’s confidence begins to blossom, Cara’s life reels with sudden tragedy. Cara wants only to return home to her beach house where she’d felt safe–but Heather refuses to budge from her sanctuary. Can the two women come together to help each other and share the healing power of the beach house?”

Mary Alice

Mary Alice Monroe

is the queen of environmental fiction. She always incorporates nature into her novels. This time she’s chosen to feature the drastically declining shorebird populations and the loggerhead sea turtle.

I never tire of reading about the beaches of South Carolina.  Mary Alice has managed to bring the lushness of the area not only to the page but right into your senses. I sat on that dune facing the ocean and watched the sea turtle lay her eggs. I cried as she dragged herself back out to sea afterward. And I found myself wanting to learn even more about those amazing shorebirds. Yes, the people in the story are people I cared about, but I love the animal aspect even more.

For those of us who love The Beach House I think this is a good culmination. Amen.

My review copy arrived from Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review. Great job!

Hardcover: 416 pages: Pub date, June 20

I am happy to announce the winner of “Beach House For Rent.” My winner is Lyn Blinkhorn! Congrats Lyn. You sure are in for a treat!!!


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