Sunday, June 18, It’s All About Dad!

They say mom is easier to shop for. What do you think? It all depends.  I will say that dad probably has more ties in his closet than he will EVER wear… Having said that, I believe a book is the most wonderful gift of all. And I have come up with a pretty darn good list if I must say so myself.

Tom Clancy

Point of Contact

First up is Tom Clancy’s “Point of Contact” written by Mike Maden. Yes, Jack Ryan is back. And my husband is reading a review copy right this minute. He’s loving it. It will be available Tuesday. The perfect gift for the dad who has every new book.

John Grisham

Camino Island

A brand new John Grisham book.  What’s not to love.

John Sandford

Golden Prey

Golden Prey is brand spanking new. Perfect for the dad looking for a new Sandford fix.

Greg Iles

Mississippi Blood


“Mississippi Blood” is the third and last installment in the trilogy.  Your dad will eat this one up.

Amor Towles

A Gentleman In Moscow


If your dad hasn’t read “A Gentleman In Moscow” you should run to get this for him. It’s a must-read and is about to be made into a movie. I can’t wait.

Since We Fell


Dennis Lehane’s new novel is already on the bestseller list. I bet dad doesn’t have this one yet.

Ace Atkins

Little White Lies

Ace Atkins is doing a bang-up job writing the new Robert Parker mysteries.  He’s just out with this new one. Another winner sure to be on dad’s list.

American War

For the literary reader comes “American War” by Omar El Akkad.  It’s eerily current.  And wonderfully written.





And some non-fiction books too!

Ryan White

Jimmy Buffett A Good Life All The Way

Who doesn’t like Jimmy Buffett! I bet dad would love to read this behind the scenes true tale of one of America’s music icons. Might even bring back some fond memories..


Prince Charles

I was very impressed with this bio of Prince Charles. I think you’ll enjoy learning some little-known tidbits about the “maybe” future King of England.

Arnold Palmer


And for the sports dad, here’s a new book about one of golf’s greats: Arnold Palmer.

Killers of the Flower Moon

This book is on fire. And with good reason.  I know dad would devour this one. “Killers of the Flower Moon” tells a gruesome but true story that happened right here in U.S.A..


“Havana” comes along at a perfect time. I’ve long been interested in Cuba. Kurlansky brings to the surface a subtropical delirium. It’s elegant and brief, but oh-so gorgeous and vast.

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