The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green

Jane Green

The Sunshine Sisters

Mother and daughter relationships are complicated. So are the relationships between sisters. Put them all together and you have Jane Green’s newest novel called “The Sunshine Sisters.”

When aging and fading screen star Ronni Sunshine finds herself on her deathbed, she calls her three daughters home to her Westport, Connecticut  bedside. They’ve all been estranged for sometime now. And they were never close. Ronni wasn’t the kind of mom to make cookies, go to PTA, or even to just be there for her kids. She was mean and rude and caused all sort of angst through the years.

Nell, the oldest, escaped home and became a teenage unwed mom. She found work on a farm and thrived finding not just a place to live but, a woman who mentored her and her son.

Meredith, the middle daughter, moved to London to follow her dream and escape the mother who constantly shot her down.

And Lizzy is the spoiled youngest child. The one who mostly stayed under the radar from mom. Troubled and toying with drugs, alcohol and bad choices in men, she may finally be getting to the sweet spot.

Told in all four voices, THE SUNSHINE SISTERS, is a good beach read for sisters. However, I am an only child, and I still enjoyed it. It’s about women and their choices, both good and bad. And family, whatever kind you have.


Jane Green

My review copy arrived via the generous publishing people at Berkley, a division of PenguinRandomHouse. Thanks so much.


One thought on “The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green

  1. This one is making the rounds. It sounds a bit meatier than some of the typical beach reads out there. Sisterhood can be so complicated!!

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