Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam M. Grant

Sheryl Sandberg

Option B

OPTION B is a book about the resilience of the human body and mind . It’s inspiring and I think it can help you take back your life after a devastating setback.

Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook,  lost her husband Dave while vacationing in Mexico.  He was in good health. In fact, she found him lying on the floor in the hotel’s gym. Unfortunately he did not live beyond that day.  Sheryl was thrown into a deep abyss as would be most of us in her place. After all, Dave was not old. He was in the prime of his life. They have two children. You might remember Sheryl from her huge success with a book called LEAN IN a few years ago.  Sheryl’s coauthor is Adam Grant, the author of ORIGINALS. They’ve partnered here to speak about how acute grief is, and how isolated people feel.  And how others just do not know how to act.

In language that is both intimate and honest, Sheryl tells her story. She sends the message that no matter how low you get, your human resilience will rise up and help you get your life back.

We also see that this book can help everyday people with day to day struggles. People are dealing with illness, job loss, sexual assault, and the ravages of war. This is going on each and every day all over the world. This book can help.

We all live some form of Option B.  I hope this book might be a comfort to anyone going through tragedy. Plus, there is a great section for the people wishing to help someone who is trying to cope.  The right thing to say. The right things to offer. And the wrong things. I know this helped me.

My daughter has a friend who just lost her husband. It was unexpected. He was not old. They have four adopted children with special needs still living at home. This was devastating. Friends and coworkers bonded together to help Leah get through the day to day job of living. They helped with the children, brought food, and one guy even took her car in for service. These are the kinds of things that can be done without having to ask the question you should NOT ask. What can I do to help? Just figure it out yourself.

I borrowed this book from library. It’s 226 pages. Published by Alfred A. Knopf. $25.95.


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