The Forever Summer by Jamie Brenner

Jamie Brenner

The Forever Summer

If this cover doesn’t SCREAM summer I don’t know what does:)

I went into this novel not having a clue. I came out of it with a new outlook on what a “family” really is. Marin is a thirty-something new lawyer working at a big firm in Manhattan. She’s engaged to a really great guy and her family loves that. Then, the unspeakable happens. Marin has an affair with another lawyer in her firm. The firm mandates a no tolerance for in-house relationships. They know this and take a chance anyhow. Before they know it they are both called in and let go. Now what? Marin has already broken off her engagement. Now can this new romance survive under these extenuating circumstances? Hm.

Rachael is in her early twenties. Lives in sunny California with her hippy single mom. Her dad was a sperm donor and she’s always known that. Lately, she has discovered he’s passed away. She’s off to Provincetown, Mass. to meet her grandmother for the first time. But, wait, she’s stopping in NYC to meet Marin who she’s just found out is her half sister. Oh boy. Now it’s heating up.

At first, I was not keen on Rachael’s character. But as the story becomes more engaging Rachael opens up. Marin and her mother Blythe are swept up in this passage to Provincetown.  You see, Blythe and her husband are in the midst of a divorce they’ve been keeping secret from Marin until now.  These three women converge on this amazing guesthouse on Cape Cod right at the start of summer.  Brenner has done a bang-up job bringing this summertime place to life. I stayed in a small cottage in Provincetown almost thirty years ago. Did not know what to expect. Loved it. It is definitely a gay community.  I will say that. There are some of the best restaurants anywhere. Great shops. Amazing people.  Friendly. And everyone knows who everyone else is. Period. I fell in love with a wonderful little Portuguese bakery near the docks where you catch the whale watching boats. And, I did take one of the whale watching trips. I have pictures that are amazing. Great experience. I would definitely recommend a visit to this area; so much to do.

What I neglected to tell you is that Marin and Rachael’s grandmother is 75 years old and lives with her wife who is twenty years younger.

I did get a chuckle  at the scene where Blythe is at the beach.  Finally, she’s gotten herself situated on the straight people’s beach. But only after first landing on the lesbian section, and then on the gay men’s area.  She’s taking it all in stride.


Jamie Brenner

Brenner does a great job of showing us a loving and caring community that is not the norm that most of us know. I loved this story. It’s got a lot of heart. And it’s witty as heck. I even shed a tear at the end.  I think you might too.

I borrowed this book from the library and have no obligations for a review. I just got lucky  finding it on the new shelf. I love it when this happens.  The book is published by Little Brown. Great job, guys.



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