The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain


The Red Notebook

“The Red Notebook” is a delightful romp of a novella set in modern day Paris.  What a sweet little book; both whimsical and fun. And filled with  romance.

Laure is returning home to her apartment one evening when she’s mugged and her handbag is stolen. Right outside her home. She’s left stunned and reeling and unable to even get into her place without a key.

Laurent discovers a lady’s bag on top of a bin in the street. Knowing that no woman would ever discard a bag like this, he scoops it up to return it to its rightful owner.

Little does Laurent know that Laure has been taken to hospital where she lies in a coma for days.  And poor Laurent can’t seem to  find any identifying items in the bag. But he is bound and determined to find the owner.

Laurent is a bookseller. He finds a signed copy of an important book in the purse. And this holds a key to the identity. What fun it is to read through this clever little story. Laurain manages to show how the city of Paris has kept her character and dignity even after the recent attacks.

This is the perfect read to sneak in between those “big” books on your nightstand.  I have my friend Lizy to thank for lending me her lovely book. Merci!


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