One Good Thing by Wendy Wax

Wendy Wax

One Good Thing

“One Good Thing” by Wendy Wax is the 5th in her popular Ten Beach Road series.  I sure do love the cover!

This is the first in this series for me.  And I don’t feel as if I’ve missed a thing.  The characters are lovable and fun. The place is Florida, and I love that. She’s done a bang-up job setting up the story. I love a good book about friendship.

When four friends find themselves swindled and losing control of their Do Over TV show, they find themselves desperate to regain that control. Each woman is experiencing her own trauma. Maddie is dating a rock star who  is busy making a successful come back. She’s also got an ex husband hanging around.  Avery is dealing with family problems that are quickly escalating and out of her personal control. Nikki is hugely pregnant and experiencing a challenging health issue. She’s not sure she can even be a good mother to Joe’s twins… Then there is Kyra who is harboring a secret that could bring all the cards falling down. And she’s trying to finish a cottage to house their once very wealthy friend from Palm Beach, Bitsy. Bitsy has mysteriously appeared on the East coast in need of a place to live. You see, she had money, but her husband absconded with the money and a very young new girlfriend. Oh boy.

“One Good Thing” is filled with all the right things to support a great beach read. Plenty of good food. Plenty of drama. And lots of girl talk.  Throw in a surprise and a bit of a mystery and a good secret, and that pretty much ties it up.

Berkley Publishers provided my review copy. Now they’ve totally turned me on to a new author. Yippee. Great book.


Wendy Wax

“One Good Thing” goes on sale Tuesday, April 25. It’s trade paperback. And comes in at 368 pages.

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