The Confessions of Young Nero by Margaret George

Margaret George

The Confessions of Young Nero

Margaret George is the New York Times bestselling author of novels of biographical historical fiction. She’s built her writing career on large tomes filled with lyrical prose that tells stories of famous lives from long, long ago. With “The Confessions of  Young Nero” she gives us a unique look at the life of the Emperor we always think of fiddling as we watched Rome burning. Not so. The fiddle was not even a fiddle yet:)

Larger than life, George’s characters are not only true historical kings and queens, they’re the most interesting people brought to life.

For those of us who enjoy learning from reading good literature you are in for a treat. I believe Margaret George’s fictional biography probably is closer to the truth than any others. Yes, we’ve always heard Nero had sex with his mother.   And he did have her killed.  But not before she tried to kill him first. Poison was the drug of choice back in the day. An actual professional poisoner was kept on the roster. How convenient.  No one was safe.


Margaret George

George has written some big books. Her “Helen of Troy” comes to mind. As does “”Cleopatra” and “Henry VII.” Each wonderful fictional bios.

Emperor Nero took the seat of power at the age of sixteen.  It’s sometimes said he was a tyrant, a hedonist, a cunning executioner. But he was also a boy, an artist, and an athlete who was really just the product of an over ambitious mother and the times themselves.

My finished hard copy arrived from Berkley at PenguinRandom House in exchange for an honest review. What a great historical novel!




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