News From The End Of The World by Emily Jeanne Miller

Emily Jeanne Miller

The News from the End of the World

In Emily Jeanne Miller’s second novel we step onto the off-season sands of Cape Cod; a totally different landscape from the bustling fun-filled pleasure zone it is during  high summer season.

“The News From The End Of The World” takes place over four days. Four days in the lives of a family in crisis. Each one of them is experiencing his or her own nightmare. Vance Lake arrives on his twin brother’s doorstep after his girlfriend dumps him and he looses his job. He has very little money, of course. He’s staying in the attic where every spoken word wafts up through the vents… Craig, Vance’s twin, is having financial troubles. Even though it looks like his business is thriving big-time, he and his wife Gina are in way over their heads. They’ve just renovated a huge house and added every single bell and whistle they didn’t need. Gina is teetering on the brink of an affair with, you got it, her husband’s best friend. And then there’s Craig’s teenage daughter Amanda. She’s been yanked back home from South America where she was on an expedition. A troubled teen at best, now she’s pregnant, and determined not to be. Oh boy. You said it.

Miller leads you on a four day chase that leaves you breathless. So many dysfunctional people. Old girlfriends pop up. Old problems rise to the surface. Will each of these characters be able to step up and do the right thing?

I loved reading about Cape Cod on the off season. I imagine a quiet oasis filled with warmth and kindness. But what’s really  around the corner is a lot of chill.

I enjoyed the read. Not a literary book. But just a darn good story, told well.

I borrowed my copy from the library and am in no way indebted to anyone:)


2 thoughts on “News From The End Of The World by Emily Jeanne Miller

  1. Hmmmm, sounds like an intriguing read. Unlike others, I do like reading about dysfunctional families and how they attempt to “get it right”

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