Age Proof by Jean Chatzky & Michael F. Roizen, MD

Jean Chatzky

Age Proof

I was watching the Today Show one day last week when Jean Chatzky and Dr. Michael Roizen appeared to promote their new book. I listened for one minute and then tore off into the office to see if our library had a copy. Because I knew if they did it would quickly be snapped up after this show.

I just adore Jean Chatzky. I have been listening to her advice on money for years. And now that she’s partnered up with Dr. Roizen I’m happy. I read this book in two days of on and off reading. It’s really good. It tackles health and financial issues in a way that makes you believe you can do this. I was especially interested in the health part. And I liked how Jean and Dr. Roizen show tid bits of conversations in the margins.  I will say that he is really strict with his diet. I doubt I can be that strict. But Jean lightens it up a bit and makes it doable.

As the baby boomer generation ages, and that’s me, the health system is going nuts. Imagine how many broken hips occur yearly. And how much cholesterol medicine is sold. And how many people are being diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. Well, these two authors are trying to help those of us with questions and issues. They do a good job of it. There’s lots of good advice. And, no, I sure do not want to break a hip. Nor do you.

This is  not a diet book. It’s not a financial guide, either. But it is a helping hand for those of us who might need a bit of tweaking.  Even deals with the stress of aging. There is that.

they’ve done a great job with this book. I borrowed my copy from the library.

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