Kristin Harmel at Copperfish Books.


Kristin Harmel

Copperfish Books in Punta Gorda, Florida, hosted International novelist Kristin Harmel yesterday afternoon.  We had an amazing group of avid readers who asked a lot of questions and enjoyed meeting Kristin.

Copperfish Books

Kristin Harmel

Kristin Harmel’s most recent novel is “When We Meet Again” and takes place in Florida, Germany, and Atlanta’s art scene.  Harmel brings us an amazing tale told straight out of a history book that few of us knew about. So many German POW’s were brought to this country after the war. And thousands worked farms and jobs right here in Florida, some quite near us.

Kristin Harmel

When We Meet Again

When We Meet Again” is much more than just a great novel. It’s a history lesson worth learning. If you haven’t read this one yet; run to the nearest book store and buy it. It’s that good.

Kristin regaled her captive audience with stories of trips to Paris and gave some good advice on writing. She’s smart, engaging, and very gracious. When asked if she would share a speck of info on her next book she was happy to do so. The book will be set in Paris. That makes me VERY happy. She’s very good with historical fiction and so we can look forward to a great new book soon.

Everyone was keen to read other books by Kristin. I will say I have read “The Sweetness of Forgetting” and loved it! And I am about to read “The Life Intended.” It’s such a joy to find such a talented young author who has several great books under her belt. We have years of writing to look forward to:)

Kristin & Jean

Kristin & Jean

It was great to meet Kristin. I’ve been such a fan for years. I look forward to working with her in the future.


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