A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline

Christina Baker kline

A Piece of the World

Brand new from the New York Times best selling author of ORPHAN TRAIN comes “A Piece of the World” by Christina Baker Kline.

Yes, you’re right, if you think the cover looks pretty darn familiar. It’s the house and yard in the oh-so-famous Andrew Wyeth picture called CHRISTINA’S WORLD. It  resides in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

I’ve been waiting somewhat impatiently for Baker Kline’s new book. Just before publication they decided to change the working title from CHRISTINA’S WORLD to “A Piece of the World”.  I believe they may have done this fearing confusion between the actual painting and the name of the author. Same/same. This is not a story with a plot. It’s not a thriller. It’s certainly not a page-turner. It’s just that: a story. Told with lovely prose.  This novel has been researched. baker Kline spent endless hours and even years delving into the world on Wyeth and Christina Olson. And it pays off with authenticity.  But you may need a stimulant to stay awake:)  Although the story is interesting I found myself nodding off from time to time…

Christina Olson was born with a degenerative disease that gradually rendered her unable to walk. As a small child she was put in painful braces in hopes that her poor legs and feet would straighten out. Alas, finally on one trip to the doctor, she stood her ground and out and out refused to do one more thing. She would rather just deal with her deformity. And so she did. For the rest of her life she got around by dragging herself wherever she needed to be. Hence, in the painting, she is clawing herself across the ground as she moves toward her family home…

Christina was forty-six when she met Andrew Wyeth. He was twenty-two. The two met through a mutual friend. He was completely enamored of her spirit and strength, and he loved the starkness of the house and the area.

Baker Kline


Christina Baker Kline

, at the young age of eight, was given a woodblock print  inspired by this famous painting.  That and a suggestion from a  writer friend spurred her on to write this unusual story about Andrew Wyeth’s muse.

My gorgeous finished copy was sent by William Morrow in exchange for an honest review. It’s a respectable follow-up after ORPHAN TRAIN.  I think book clubs will embrace it.



One thought on “A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline

  1. I read that Christina Baker Kline is the oldest of 4 sisters and part of a large supportive loving family who all live close by in Maine. As a child her Dad provided many adventures,all costing nothing which paved the way for her love of people. What a great family and the best wishes to Christine!

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