A Winner Is Chosen!

The Runaway Midwife

The Runaway Midwife

I love this cover! I think I’ll also love this book.  My copy is arriving in the mail this week and once I’ve had the chance to read it I will post my honest review. My digital copy disappeared before I got to read it:(

But I do have my winner. Alice McKann, you have won a copy of THE RUNAWAY MIDWIFE by Patricia Harman. Congrats! I will send you off an email asking for your mailing address right now. Please answer asap. Your copy will arrive from the publisher.

Thanks go out to William Morrow for providing the book. And thanks to all of you who took the time to enter to win.


One thought on “A Winner Is Chosen!

  1. Hello Jean, So enjoyed your reviews again this week at the Vistas! Many thanks for coming down, and hope we’ll see you here again.
    Wanted you to know “The Runaway Midwife” has arrived. Looking forward very much to reading it. Thanks very much again, Alice

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